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How Your Choice of Neighborhood Will Impact Your Mortgage

If you’re planning to buy a home in the next few months, you’ll want to ensure you choose a great neighborhood  – not just because it can improve your quality of life, but also because it can help you get a mortgage. Neighborhood is a factor that lenders consider when you apply for a mortgage, which is why you’ll want to consider a neighborhood’s mortgage implications as well. Here’s what you need to know about how the neighborhood you buy into affects the kind of mortgage you can get.

A Neighborhood Full of Foreclosed Homes Decreases Your Property Value
Buying a home in a neighborhood full of foreclosures can seem like a great deal, as the owners may be willing to accept a lower price so that they can move into a better area. But buying in a foreclosure-fraught neighborhood brings with it a variety of complexities when it comes to getting a mortgage.

The biggest issue is that being surrounded by foreclosures significantly decreases a property’s value. Foreclosed homes tend to attract a criminal element and increase property taxes due to the need for more emergency services in the area. When it comes to getting a mortgage, this limits the amount you can borrow – no lender will give you more than what the property is worth, no matter what the property sells for.

Better Neighborhood Amenities Help You Get a Mortgage
Mortgage lenders look at a variety of factors when deciding whether to issue a mortgage, and one of them is the property’s saleability. Simply put, saleability refers to the likelihood that the lender will be able to sell the property in the event that the homeowner defaults on the mortgage.

If you take out a mortgage and then go into default, your lender will need to sell the property in order to recover its investment. Great amenities like parks, schools, and fitness centers make a neighborhood and the houses in it more desirable to buyers, which means the bank will have an easier time selling the home – and will be more likely to issue you a mortgage.
Buying into a good neighborhood can help you to get a great mortgage at a great rate. That’s why you\ll want to enlist the aid of a professional mortgage advisor to help you to determine the best neighborhoods for buyers. Call us today to learn more.
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