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5 Simple Indoor Do-It-Yourself Projects for Your Woodland Park Home - Benchmark CO
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5 Simple Indoor Do-It-Yourself Projects for Your Woodland Park Home

With spring right around the corner, you might be thinking about sprucing up your Woodland Park home. However, it may not yet be time to work in the garden or on other outside endeavors.

If cabin fever has been setting in, this is a great time for indoor improvements to brighten your living space and get you warmed up to work outside when the seasons change. Whether it’s over-stuffed closets or cluttered garages, everyone has a problem area or two on their property that has not been touched in a while.

Below are a 5 simple ideas to get you started. Maybe you can even get the kids to lend a hand!

Organize That Closet
Clear out the things you don’t need and make it easier to find the things you do. You can build a closet system in just a couple hours for ranging from $100 – $500 to put everything at your fingertips.

Create An Indoor Garden
Check out these fun indoor gardening ideas, using recycled materials from around your home. Get the kids involved and spend an afternoon creating a work of art – and memories!

Paint An Accent Wall
Or, you could choose to do an entire room! The room you spend the most time in should probably be your starting point. Choose a color that will set the mood you want to foster, such as an energizing red or soothing blue.

Add Shelves Or A Bookcase To A Room
If your house has papers and books stacked up on counters or in cabinets, you may need some additional shelving. Built-in bookcases or shelves can help a cluttered area feel more spacious.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets
A bright coat of paint can do wonders for your kitchen and is an inexpensive option that may increase the value of your home. Obviously this is more than a one-afternoon project, but it is definitely a low-cost way to give your kitchen a new, fresh look.

Whatever your vision, now is a fantastic time to tackle an indoor project which can keep the whole family busy and ward off the winter doldrums at the same time.

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