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Refinancing: 3 Ways To Boost Your Value - Benchmark CO
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Refinancing: 3 Ways To Boost Your Value

In an effort to boost the value of their property, many homeowners invest in renovations that will help them sell at a higher price. However, with all of the renovation options, it can be hard to know what’s worth your time and money. If you’re looking at all of your options for home improvements, here are some surefire fixes that won’t stress the bank and will probably bump up the offering price.

Add Stainless Steel
The look and functionality of the kitchen are one of the deciding factors for many homebuyers. If you have old appliances or an outdated look, you should definitely spend some money on upgrading. Kitchen renovations can be a significant expense when it comes to knocking out walls and adding an island. You may want to stick with smaller stuff like stainless steel appliance replacement. Even renovating your cabinets for a more up-to-date look will help.

Increase Energy Efficiency
With the push towards reducing overall housing costs and being environmentally sustainable, make your home more energy efficient. This can be a huge selling feature for the kind of buyers who will be able to save money as a result of renovations. While there are many financially taxing overhauls that can seriously bust the bank, try simple fixes. Add extra insulation where drafts exist and install LED lights for lowered energy costs and longer light bulb expectancy.

Prep For Paint
With a bit of work, re-painting your home is one of the most economical means for upping the value. While painting is still an option, even with professional painters, a shiny new coat can take years off the look of your house. Make sure you choose a neutral color and a high-quality paint for maximum effect.

While home renovations require a bit of spending, it’s a great idea if you’re refinancing or looking to boost its value. Make sure you choose the kind of fixes that will be inexpensive and popular on the market. If you’re currently looking into your options for refinancing, contact us for more information.